Sample Plan of Action

Following is a sample marketing plan of action for the first four steps:

  1. Setup the landing page. This includes the calculator, and may also include a personalized video. Click HERE for a basic and a fancy landing page.
  2. Email your existing clients (friendlies) and offer them a FREE valuation. You can go to Promotional Templates to see a sample email you can modify. You can watch a video of how this is done, and follow the demo script if you need help. After you have completed 3-5 of these, you will know the process well enough to be comfortable reviewing it with new prospects.
  3. You would then email new prospects. Examples are also within the Promotional Templates. Often, you can invite them to a short webinar, or invite to get a FREE valuation.
  4. Turn the corner. Once they have completed the valuation, you would schedule a call or meeting to review. The plan will show how they fair–but it will also open the discussion of any potential shortfall–and your normal financial services can pick up from there.

You may also get leads from the Valusource advisor locator, and from your own landing page.